Boosting more than 1,000 miles of waterway, the delta is home to many species of fish, from Blue Gill to Sturgeon and hosts migratory shoals of Striped Bass and Salmon during their seasonal spawn. There is an endless schedule of derbies and tournaments for those enjoy bow fishing for carp or competitive angling for black bass.  The Tracy Oasis has the most extensive tackle shop on the water, whether you are just out for a bite or enjoy catch and release - you will get hooked on our selection of terminal tackle and exclusive baits.




The California Delta is a boater's paradise no matter what vessel you choose to cruise. If you like speeding to your favorite fishing hole, jumping wakes on your ski or just chillin on a pontoon. There are plenty of places to explore and people to meet. Yachts, houseboats, bass boats, ski boats, cigarette boats, jet skis, inboard or outboards the are plenty of places to go and always something new to see. We offer many types of boat storage, so your year round play is just a car ride away.



  • ​​Restaurant & Bar

  • Grocery . Ice . Beer

  • Bass Tackle Shop

  • Boat Launching

  • Fuel Dock

  • Boat Storage

  • Island Camping

Water sports, people watching and dock or bar hopping the delta has a new adventure waiting for you. Whether you want to catch some rays, some air or a big fish the southern delta is the place for your pace. If you like cold beer, enjoy a seasonal dish, want to ride or love to fish we have what you want. Enjoy our waterfront restaurant with full bar. Stock up and fill up your tackle box or your tank at our fuel dock and store.